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TRI offers the entire suite of IT Asset management services ranging from pick-up from your location, on-site services, data erasure, refurbishing, remarketing, and recycling.

TRI e-waste dismantling

What sets TRI apart in our industry is our record of ensuring all non-remarketable products are immediately recycled. As proof that your non-reusable or non-remarketable IT assets are de-manufactured for proper recycling – neither land filled nor exported, 70% of TRI’s facility space is being used for de-manufacturing, recovered materials processing and storage purpose.

The only way to achieve proper environmental disposal is to disassemble the product to reclaim various base and hazardous materials for subsequent recycling processing.

Disassembly of IT assets begins with removal of hazardous materials bearing parts (CRTs with leaded glass from monitor/TV, mercury-containing bulb from laptop/LCDs/Scanner/Copier/Fax machine, batteries from various devices, and ink toner cartridges from printers) from equipment.

TRI e-waste Hazardous waste handling: Ethylene Glycol

TRI employee removing ethylene glycol from a display product

A strict adherence to disassembly operation of non-remarketable IT assets ensures that zero landfill and zero export goals are achieved.

TRI e-waste Hazardous waste handling: Mercury Bulbs
TRI employee removing the Mercury containing light bulbs from an LCD display

In order to process a large volume of e-Waste, TRI installed a gravity conveyor and powered belt conveyor for easy and safe transportation of recovered materials.

All of our down-stream partners who do the secondary recycling of materials recovered from our de-manufacturing process can be disclosed.

Please Click Here to see all the certifications TRI holds that are necessary to conduct a safe and legitimate e-Waste recycling operation. Regular audits of our downstream recyclers are conducted by TRI and our downstream recyclers’ information can made available upon request.