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e-Waste recycling can reduce our Carbon Footprint

When people choose to recycle, recyclable material is put back into existing manufacturing streams. This greatly reduces the need to aquire new, or 'virgin', materials via carbon intensive methods, like mining.

It is currently believed that up to 95% of materials that make up e-waste can be recovered for recycling.

Download the paper here: Quantifying Benefits of Recycling CRT Display Devices on Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Jason Lim's Thesis Paper on Landfill Scale Impacts of Property Values

This paper examines the economic advantage of constructing and operating large-scale landfills over small-scale landfills has been used to justify regional landfills as a solution to the municipal waste disposal problem.

In this study, the negative effects of a landfill that are capitalized in property values of houses located in the proximity of two landfill sites of significantly different sizes in Toronto, Canada, are examined. Download the paper here: DOES SIZE REALLY MATTER? LANDFILL SCALE IMPACTS ON PROPERTY VALUES

Excerpts fromJason Lim's presentaton CARE INNOVATION 2010 Conference in Austria

Excerpts from Jason Lim's presentation at the "Going Green" CARE INNOVATION 2010 Conference at the in Schoenbrunn Centre, Vienna, Austria held on November 8, 2010.

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