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“ We love speedy turn-around of your fast pick-up service! ”
- Asset manager of a post-secondary institution


Approved e-Waste Disposal Site under a Certificate of Approval by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment M.O.E. Approved e-Waste Disposal & Processing Site
We are an approved e-Waste Disposal Site under a Certificate of Approval by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
Ontario Electronics Stewardship (OES) program as an authorized collector, processor and reuse facility OES Approved Processor
Approved under the Ontario Electronics Stewardship (OES) program as an authorized processor of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
ISO 14001 certified facility ISO 14001 Certified
Our facilities are ISO 14001 certified.

Our facilities are divided into two functional areas: Re-use and Dismantling. Through our re-use and remarketing programs we work hard to find new homes for working equipment, to extend their useful lifetime as much as possible, before they are recycled down to their base components.

The first step is to identify, separate and test the items for residual market value. If an item has no market value it is sent to the dismantling area to be dismantled into it's base parts (Plastics, metals, etc...). If items are found to have value and be in good working order they stay within the high-security area and enter our re-use program.

Security: Our facilities are protected by various layers of security. We have a complete 24/7 video surveillance system monitoring the interior and exterior. Access in and out of the facilities is controlled by an electronic key system. Different parts of the facility are segregated based on the nature of the activity being performed. Employees can only access areas they have clearance to. Our electronic access control system tracks the movements of employees and limits access only to areas thay are assigned to work in.

Safety: We take pride in offering a safe work environment for our employees.

Regular Air filter maintenance Air Quality Monitoring: Air quality monitoring for lead, cadmium, barium, and mercury was conducted in July 2008 by Golder Associates and the results show no overexposure, or very low and well lower than Ontario’s OEL.

Financial Assurance: TRI has provided a Letter of Credit to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment that can be utilized to cover expenses related to dispose of the e-Wastes and/or clean up the facility in case of business dissolution.

Commercial General Liability Insurance: $5,000,000 Commercial General Liability insured.

Audit for Downstream Recyclers: Audits for TRI’s downstream recyclers have been conducted by TRI within its best knowledge. The downstream recyclers’ information can be disclosed upon signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Audit System: All items sent to TRI for Remarketing and/or Recycling process are identified for audit purpose in two ways: barcode identity and mass-balance system.